When did you first start playing Myth?
McChazo: I'm not too sure of the exact date but I believe it was early '98

Who have you particularly enjoyed playing Myth with?
McChazo: Well, there are tons who I enjoy playing with, many have moved on to other things. Many of the ~TC~ members, of course :) , uDogs, JaG, YCS!, *K*, *F*... mostly the old b.net unrank wh0reZ, oh and I can't forget Dragonus :)

What have been your funniest moments on b.net?
McChazo: Funniest moments....I dunno..too many...every time you log on myth there's something always going on, every game has its own twist to it.

What are the origins of your screen name?
McChazo: Well back when I first got the internet I was signed up for a...a...ao....aol...there I said it, happy? and I couldn't think of a screen name- so my mom thought up- Mc- irish Chaz- what friends call me o-italian. Had it ever since- and no I dont have aol anymore!

What are your favourite drinks and snacks inbetween Myth games?
McChazo: My favorite drink would have to be either Ice Tea or Orange Juice. Favorite snack would either be cereal (I always have it for desert) or some type of chips- Doritos or something, cooler ranch of course.

What are your favourite TV shows?
McChazo: X-Files was one of my favorites- also the HBO series OZ and mini-series Band of Brothers (get this on DVD!). I don't watch much commercial TV- mostly only Discovery and TLC

What are your favourite films?
McChazo: The Matrix, The Negotiator, Die Hard and Lethal Weapon series, Oceans 11, Indiana Jones series, Lord of the Rings

What other computer games do you enjoy?
McChazo: Well, as for online games...I only have about 5 or 6 - 3 being Myth but currently I am usually always on Counter-Strike- Half-Life Mod, no new games though- still waiting on Doom III and busy destroying people on Halo On-line and other Xbox Live games :)

What are your other hobbies?
McChazo: Skiing, being with friends,building Lego sets- Lego Technic to be exact, yes dio- they are fun :)

What is your current computer system?
McChazo: Currently I have a Pentium 1GHZ- 60gig HD- Geforce3 card- Cable Modem

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