"McChazo was always the haxorz of the clan, with his CD crack and what-not! He also really got me into playing Diablo 2, and I have yet to forgive him for it!"
- Toaster
"Chaz is a great guy. Really. He's kind to people. But he has my color. Not that having my color is a problem, mind you. I do not hold a grudge against Chaz. It's not like I will perma-wank him, ck him to death with my invisible hax0red tr0, and then banish him from Tank Clan for stealing my color. Yep, I definitely have no problem with Chaz, or how the dirty little rat stole my color. Congrats Chazzie!"
- Pistol Pete
"He is equal to 1000 warriors, 500 archers.........and one dwarf!"
- Tiger
"He's a great Myth player, a great host, and a great member. If only he were a mac user. ;-)"
- Sherman

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