When did you first start playing Myth?
Diomedes: Started playing Myth about Oct. 2000...got into the Tanks in Jan. 27th I think 2001.
What do you like most about Myth?
Diomedes: Community duhh.
What have been your funniest moments on b.net?
Diomedes: Funny moments..haha..hmmm..The day I joined the Tanks? Everyday since then has been a tie...not sure really..bad question for me :-)
What are the origins of your screen name?
Diomedes: My first name was Yeti on Myth...ppl thought I was 12..so I looked for a new one. I am a huge history and literature fan..I was reading The Iliad by Homer. Diomedes wasn't the best warrior (was later killed by Hercules), but he was a very powerful for one and a great friend of Odysseus. Diomedes appealed to me. I could talk forever about this ya know.
What are your favourite drinks and snacks inbetween Myth games?
Diomedes: Water and orange juice. Nerd candy and the almighty CHEESE!
What are your favourite TV shows?
Diomedes: Movie buff here..but on TV...anything on History channel. A&E network, Discovery and Learning channel.
What are your favourite films?
Diomedes: Ben Hur, Braveheart, Last of the Mohicans, Beauty and the Beast by Disney. I love Disney. The list goes on and on.
What other computer games do you enjoy?
Diomedes: When I need a break from Myth, I turn to Baldur's Gate. That simple, and anything Bioware makes.
What are your other hobbies?
Diomedes: Flyfishing, travel, reading (alot), playing with my children: Alexander 9 and Faith 6. Legos can be fun :-)
What is your current computer system?
Diomedes: LOL........ya don't want to know.

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