"If Dio was my father, I'd be a happy tank"
- Psidon
"Diomedes kicked butt in the Iliad, and he kicks butt on Myth"
- Tiger
"Dio's work ethic basically flies against that of the rest of the clan's...I swear, his father was a bee or something."
- Clank
"Yetis are good friends of mine, though they don't like chocolate biscuits as much as I do"
- Cookie Monster
"Muistaakseni Dio ymmärsi muutaman sanasen suomea... Vai..?"
- Ns
"If you are hosting a game with a very strange plug, don't be surprised when Dio pops into your host. Whenever you get an idea to host a wild and wacky game, expect Dio to at least give it a try. I've known Dio....*Counts grey hairs*....for quite some time. Although my Mything time, and his apparently, are limited I am glad whenever I run into that wierdo who loves Greek names. "
- Pistol Pete
"Playing Myth with Dio is fun and light-hearted....the way it should be played"
- Sherman

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