When did you first start playing Myth?
Pernod: I started playing Myth when the demo came out on the front of a magazine (I forget now which) and played it to death, lol. We didn't have a modem at that point so I got really, really tired of that level. I guess all of this must have been a few months before the UK release of the full version in 97. Hehe, that P100 is still going strong but I guess it's just gathering dust most of the time. Even when we did finally invest in a modem I barely got to play Myth on line, maybe one game a week or so. Things started looking up in 97 when I got to university and went out and bought my own PC (233 Pentium) which at that time was a damn fast comp. I was hooked and ended up with a phone bill of 80 pounds a quarter - I blame it all on the TC :)
What do you like most about Myth?
Pernod: I love the fact that the same people turn up again and again, so much so that I would be tempted to call a number of them friends. From a playing point of view it's never the same twice and that makes it a real challenge. I don't know how to describe it really, as a child I used to wish there was a game like this and then Bungie made it, lol.
What have been your funniest moments on b.net?
Pernod:Too many to count, here's just one. I distinctly remember a game of Torp where I was captain of a two man team and gave my teamate the job of going on the attack. I don't remember the point of the game but it could well have been CTF. In my wisdom I decided to mine the knot so that when a large attacking force came through I could blow em up. I waited, and waited and then got bored so I selected everything, 6/8 archers, 2 dorfs, 12 or so Thrall and moved them to the knot. Then I went to move my scout ghol and the next thing I saw was my teamate shouting "GHOL", "GHOL". I thought, I'm moving the damned ghol, can't you see? Next thing I see is "Casualties" :) I looked back at the knot and there were no units left, only bits and no sign of what had happened. I had to wait until the game was over to watch the film and see a lone ghol run in and pus my units setting off the satchels. This happens a lot to me!
What are the origins of your screen name?
Pernod: Hmmm, I tried a few out at the beginning like "Sad Old Man", and "Socks" (until I found out Clinton's cat was called Socks). Pern comes from the drink Pernod and until I joined the Tanks I would call myself Pernod & Black. I really did used to drink a lot of it (hehe, the night the new girl behind the bar broke the single optic and just switched to the double because she thought it was the same size was very funny). I would come back from the pub at about 1am and then sit and play for a few hours. Incidently, I do actually like the Anne McCaffrey's books about dragons but that had nothing to do with my choice.
What are your favourite drinks and snacks inbetween Myth games?
Pernod: Sandwiches and a cold beer work for me.
What are your favourite TV shows?
Pernod: I don't watch much these days but I'll sit down for Big Brother, The Antiques Roadshow, Babylon 5, Time Team (sort of) and sometimes a bit of Star Trek.
What are your favourite films?
Pernod: The Matrix, The Star Wars series, Galaxy Quest and an old favourite of mine Bugsy Malone
What other computer games do you enjoy?
Pernod: Not that many actually, I don't think my comp would be able to handle the change :) I did just buy Xtension for X beyond the frontier but haven't really had time to do anything with it yet.
What are your other hobbies?
Pernod: I like to go sea fishing from the beach - as far as I'm concerned, if you're going to catch a fish with a hook (how barbaric) then it really ought to be because you're going to eat it. Actually, the fish are kinda safe (if there are any out there) as I rarely catch anything, it's far more about having a reason to go to the beach regularly. I also love playing darts and pool (wow, you athlete you!).
What is your current computer system?
Pernod: Same as it was, lol!.

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