When did you first start playing Myth?
Thunderbolt 6: When the game first came out, about a hundred years ago, a friend of my son's came over to our home to show "Myth" to my son. I heard them having a grand time so I strolled over to see what could be so much fun. The game was so amazing that I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. When I asked if I could try, they both turned around and asked if I was kidding. I bulled my way into the computer chair and stayed there for the evening. I was hooked from the very beginning.
What do you like most about Myth?
Thunderbolt 6: I love the thrill of the military tactics. I started playing tactical board games around twelve when my parents bought me "Tactics II" by Avalon Hill. I continued playing tactical board games through college and into the military. As I got older, "board gamers" were few and far between. To me, the basic games of Myth are pure "mano a mano" tactics and the computer has given me a vast hoard of dedicated gamers.
What have been your funniest moments on b.net?
Thunderbolt 6: My oldest son is now in college. He came home one weekend to find me glued to the computer screen playing Myth. As I turned to greet him, he shook his head and said "Gee Dad, I thought you would have out-grown that game by now!". Ouchie.
What are the origins of your screen name?
Thunderbolt 6: In the Army, military call signs are followed by a number. The number "6" indicates a unit's commanding officer. I was stationed at Ft. Rucker, Al as a flight instructor in charge of a training branch. I had given the newly formed branch the tactical name of "Titan" and I was "Titan 6". At the time, Myth had a "Titan" player so I used my second choice for the aviation branch which was "Thunderbolt" and hence"Thunderbolt 6".
Which players do you enjoy playing Myth with, other than the TC members?
Thunderbolt 6: At the top of my list sits "UndeadEd" the Master of the Grave Game. The only thing that keeps my frail, fading body alive is the hope of one day beating Ed at Grave! A couple of other names that come to mind are: Shaister, Blessed?, Ravengard, Coggs, Sir Loin, Peppa, Flash, Agent, and Grasshopper.
What are your favourite TV shows?
Thunderbolt 6: HBO's "Six Feet Under" and "Bernie Mac".
What are your favourite movies?
Thunderbolt 6: Any Quentin Tarantino movie!
What other computer games do you enjoy?
Thunderbolt 6: You mean there are other computer games?
What are your other hobbies?
Thunderbolt 6: Anything that involves my two sons but especially camping and fishing. There has been no greater thrill for me than to watch them play organized sports. Last year, their high school won the Oregon 3A Boys Track State Title. They both won Districts and "placed" at State in their individual event and it was a Dad's dream come true.
What is your current computer system?
Thunderbolt 6: I have a Dell Dimension XPS D266. Yes, I know, a dinosaur by today's standards. It's why I usually lag out in the big games. That's why I like to play 1 on 1 so much...less lag...greater chance that I can steal a win.

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