Thunderbolt 6

Thunderbolt 6 is one of the most respected members of the clan. He is excellent at free-for-all games, and is also a dependable team player. Thunderbolt 6 is also very adept at one-on-one games.

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Did you know...
1) Thunderbolt 6 is the oldest living Myth player.
2) His favorite unit is the "Ghol"...the closest unit to the armored cavalry concept.
3) His least favorite unit is the Duffster...He usually destroys his own army with them.
4) His favorite game is Creep, Capture the Flag, 1 on 1.
5) His least favorite game is Trow, any kind.
6) His favorite lines are: "Let's Dance" and "Mommy, make the bad men stop".
7) Pet peeves: vulgarity and cheaters.
8) T6 love Heavy Metal but Rap and Country make him gag so "Get down with the sickness".
9) His wife is a "Saint" for tolerating/living with a Myth player.

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