"TB6 is a remarkable TFL player. What I particularly appreciate about playing with him is that he is one of the few players that truly play the game for "fun." His terrific sense of humor and good sportsmanship attitude have made me grow to like him very much and I am always up for a game with him. It was a pleasure having the opportunity to meet he and his wife recently and finally put a face with the faceless icon. I look forward to us killing each other often in the future. A great selection for Tank of the Month."
- UndeadEd
"If you're looking for the meanest, most fowlmouthed, cheating, angry fella on m.net look no further than Thund....oh...I think I got the wrong guy. But if you're looking for a solid, fubby game (especially SBR) then go on the hunt for T6!"
- Pistol Pete
"The only player on Myth, that makes my hands sweat when playing 1 on 1. He seems like he is everywhere!"
- Diomedes
"He may be the grandaddy of the clan, but he sure don't move like one."
- Anti
"T6 steals my color sometimes, but I still wub him"
- Psidon
"It was one of those first 1v1s we had, mb the first, but anyway it was a Creep game. I was watching how my southern flank progressed in the south and then I went back to look how northern army is doing. After a while a question came to my little mind; Where are my archers?! Then I saw a few T6's ghols running near my "arch-protecting" thralls..."
- Night´s shadow
"He strikes his foes like a bolt out of the blue, and yet he still has time for a cup of coffee afterwards."
- Tiger
"As a player, T6 is a tenacious opponent - I'd rather have him on my team! As a friend, he is completely trustworthy and I always enjoy having a chat with him. A true credit to the clan."
- Sherman

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